Faraday Future – the California based electric car company that develop high performance concept car FFZERO1 with 1000 horsepower. Its founders intend to usher in a whole new era electric cars.They consider that will paly a major role in productions electric car.  Acceleration from 0 to 60 for under three seconds and top speed over 200 miles per hour. Faraday Future is some kind of electric sport vehicle and they won´t make for commercial production at least in future. Faraday will be a luxury sport car likes Tesla, wich is expected to lunch sometime before 2020.

Earlier this month company unveiled its first concept car FFZero1, but car is not going into production. Car has unbelievable electric engine with 1000 horsepower with may be the most surprising.FFZERO1’s steering wheel integrates with the driver’s smartphone to allow for remote vehicle setup, customized configurations, modifiable power outputs, and real time data visualization and interaction.



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