Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in The World

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If you ever watched the movie titled fast and furious or need a speed, you would often see cars with super speed. In the film, you need a speed even often see luxury cars at blazing speeds. Luxury cars do not only exist in the movies. In the real world you can also buy it. Having a car as a personal vehicle is almost always a dream of all people, especially luxury cars at exorbitant prices. At the present time, the car is considered not just a means of transportation, but also a barometer of a person’s welfare. Although priced at a fantastic price, but luxury cars are always sold out. Indeed, riding on luxury cars is very limited in the world into its own prestige for most people. Undoubtedly, those who can afford to buy luxury cars are those that exist in the financial life stages and very well established. There are many luxury cars issued car producers to satisfy the desires of hobbyists and collectors. Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive cars in the world that makes you wince!

2. Aston Martin Vulcan

If you are looking for a British car with a V12 engine and a power of 800 horsepower, Aston Martin Vulcan could be one option for you. However, unfortunately, having a super car this one would be a pipe dream, because this car is only produced as many as 24 units, and all of them have been sold out. This car was designed because it was inspired by the GT3 Race Car, V12 engine owned car program has improvised and enlarged to 7.0. This super car’s interior has a variety of uniqueness which is designed for the safety of its users. The car seat is designed fully to meet the needs of drivers who made complete with carbon fiber.

2. Ferrari F60

Ferrari super car output is made to enliven the anniversary of Ferrari’s 60th year. But unfortunately, this car is only produced as many as 10 units and has sold out even before Ferrari officially announced the making of this super car. If you look at the capabilities of this super car, you as automotive enthusiasts will surely drool! This super car has a power of 730 horsepower, almost like its predecessor Ferrari F12’s that this car has no roof and there were also changes in body appearance behind him. Well, it should not be used when it rains, okay!

3. Pagani Huayra BC

Unlike the two cars in the previous point, you might buy this in a roadster version. Because, like other super cars, it is not produced in a lot units and even had sold out before it was announced to the public. This car cannot be underestimated as a regular car, because the carbon-fiber aero systems wrap around the car rather than the other Huayra cars. You cannot call it an ordinary car. Power super fast will make driving very fast on the streets.

4. Ferrrari FXX K

This car is a super racing car that will always be needed for those hunters speed. But the price is very high priced that might make you cry. With a mix of electricity and gasoline, this car will be generating power by 1036 horsepower. To help decreasing the speed, the car is equipped very much aerodynamic systems throughout the car. Although this car has been produced as many as 40 units, all of them have been sold out.

5. McLaren P1 GTR

In addition to Aston Martin Vulcan, one of the UK car output priced at a super expensive is the McLaren P1 GTR. Though expensive, this car is really going to be your dream. It is generating power of 986 horsepower and a V8 engine with extra electric boost. With the specification of the engine and power, of course, the super car is also considered as car racing dream, despite the fact that never once used the race this super car.

6. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Super expensive car is capable of generating power at 740 horsepower. This cool car does not have a roof like the Ferrari F60 discussed earlier. If you can afford to buy Lamborghini Veneno Roadster worth USD 4.5 million, we can be sure you have a car more useable roof when it rains. This car is the most expensive car that always makes people amazed.

7. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Most expensive luxury car in the world is produced only two units in the world that one of them is owned by a professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather. The exterior is lined with fiber solutions that makes Trevita has a very bright carbon fiber color, rather than gray or dark colors like most super cars.

8. Bugatti Veyron

This car was designed and developed in Germany. Flowing Super Sport version of the Veyron has been recognized as the fastest and also expensive car by Guinness World Records. Reaching a top speed of 431 km / h, Bugatti Veyron is produced only limited to just 30 units with 1,200 horsepower Super Sport.

9. Zenvo ST1

As an expensive car, Zenvo ST1 hypercar has a high-performance car that is manufactured by the company of Danish Zenvo. This luxurious and expensive car comes with V8 engine that produces 1,100 horsepower strength. Top speed is 375 km / h.

10. Lykan hypersport

Lykan hypersport Sports Car production is limited, which is produced by the State of Lebanon. This is the first supercar produced in the Middle East, and is one of the world’s most expensive cars. Equipped with Flat Six Twin Turbo engine, it is able to reach the highest speed of 385 km / h.

More expensive cars are usually super fast. Similarly, the right phrase is to indicate specification of 10 most expensive cars in the world reviewed above. The cars may rarely be seen in the streets. However, the car is used as a marker of lifestyle and status. Certainly, very few people have the car. It is because in addition to the price of expensive cars, the cars are also produced in limited unit.